Thursday night, the video of Donald Trump Jr. helping a woman push a broken down car off the road in the east Valley made the rounds. It happened shortly after Trump’s rally with his father’s supporters at ASU.

The video has gone viral, now seen by millions of people. But some aren’t buying it.

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Many people posted on the 12 News Facebook page that this was a publicity stunt, a set up for good press.

So was it? We set out to verify.

After some digging, calling and looking around, we were able to find the woman who was stranded, when Donald Trump Jr. and a couple others stepped in to help.

It happened in Mesa, but we tracked down Shanda Deloatch at her apartment in Phoenix. Shanda and her sister Teresa shared what happened.

“My sister’s car ended up overheating as we were about ready to turn off of the freeway on to Alma School Road,” said Deloatch, who jumped out and started pushing.

“These guys just came out of nowhere,” she said. “I didn’t even know who they were and they asked if I needed help pushing the car and I told them yeah, so they started helping me.”

“And then they were pushing it pretty fast and I was like ‘OK,’” said Teresa Hays, Shana’s sister.

They had no idea who was helping them at first.

“That’s when they were like ‘So do you know who just helped you push the car?’ and I was like ‘No’ and he was like ‘Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump’s son,’ and I was like ‘Wow!’” said Deloatch.

“I was like ‘What? This don’t happen to people like us,’” said Hays. “Donald Trump Jr. pushed my car in to McLellan.”

“It was actually really cool,” she said. “He was really polite, asked if we needed any help, he gave us water.”

We asked Shana and her sister what they think about many of the comments on social media, including some wondering if Donald Trump Jr. did this as a PR stunt.

“Yeah, I was telling them, my car really did break down,” said Hays.

“I don’t think he was doing it for attention,” said Deloatch.

One post even questioned whether Trump was actually pushing the car.

“He was actually pushing, because he had kind of a little bit of a sweat.,” Hays said and laughed. “Not too much, but it was hot!”

After it was all over, Shanda got a selfie with Trump.

“When we left, I was like ‘He has a son?’ I had to look it up and I was like ‘Really, that is his son,’” said Hays.

So has any of this swayed their vote?

Teresa says she supports Hillary Clinton. Shanda doesn’t plan to vote for anyone.

But after Trump Jr. came to their rescue, will they vote for Trump? It doesn’t sound like it.

“Now, if Donald Trump Jr. was (running), I would vote for him, but Donald Trump, no,” said Hays. “But I really, really appreciate what he did for me.”

If she ever breaks down again…

“Hopefully he’s there to save the day,” Hays said and laughed.

So 12 News can verify this appears to be the real deal. No PR stunt here.