PHOENIX - AbbVie, a global research-based biopharmaceutical company is currently hosting their fourth annual Week of Possibilities where more than 6,000 employees are volunteering in 50+ countries to address various challenges including education.

Tomahawk Elementary school in the west Valley applied for this program and was selected among schools all across the world to receive a renovation on campus.

This morning, dozens of volunteers from AbbVie & The Heart of America Foundation came together to start transforming an old classroom into an innovation-filled makerspace room that will serve as a place for students to build, create and experiment.

"We are so excited that Tomahawk Elementary was selected to get a makerspace room where they are investing more than $50,000 to create a space where students can learn and explore and create different things," said Tomahawk Elementary Principal Marilyn Bond.

"This year with our STEM program we've done a lot of things with coding, robotics and 3D printers and this makerspace will be a place where all students can come together to problem solve, collaborate and work together on concepts that might be new to them," said Scott Nigh, Assistant Director of STEM at Cartwright School District. "It will help them continue learning and advance their 21st century skills."

Cartwright Elementary School District is working to improve educational opportunities for students – raising test scores, improving attendance and graduation rates, getting families more engaged and offering new possibilities for a brighter future to its students.

"Our students sometimes don't have the opportunities to look beyond the square mile that they live in so this will open up the doors to them to think beyond what they could be when they grow up," Bond said.

Nigh said the makerspace room will help elevate the education of the kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

"We need our students to be able to learn as soon as they start kindergarten and we know this will pave the way to do bigger and better things for our students," he said.

The room will be completed today and ready for the new school year.