GLENDALE, Ariz. - It was a special homecoming Friday, for a Valley Paralympic gold medalist. Mountain Ridge High School students honored all of Allysa Seely's achievements at their homecoming assembly.

The gold medalist took the time to talk with students at the high school she graduated from, sharing her motivational stories.

“It’s been so awesome to be able to come home during homecoming week and share my message of strength and determination with these kids who are about ready to go chase their own dreams," Seely said.

The words of wisdom added extra meaning. The Paralympic athlete is a gold medalist in the triathlon.

“It has been a long five years of training and working towards that moment,” Seely said.

Seely competed in the triathlon at ASU. A few years later, she was diagnosed with neurological conditions that led to a physical impairment.

“Every day I wake up and I’m not sure what I’m going to get," she said. "I have some great days and I have some not so great days.”

Good and bad, all of those days led her to becoming a gold medalist in the Rio Paralympics.

“Hearing our national anthem just gave me chills," she said. It is a moment that seemed to last forever and go by so fast all at the same time.”

They're moments she uses to inspire students who are about to jump into the world chasing their dreams.

Seely says she plans to compete in the 2020 Summer Paralympics.