PHOENIX - Dec. 3 marks seven years since two women, roommates were murdered, one of them eight weeks pregnant.

Tonight, a vigil was held in their memory, as both families work toward closure connected to this unsolved case.

Their continued emotional journey is not easily traveled, especially because this tragedy dates back to 2010 when the young victims were found strangled in their home.

Rachel Glass mother of one victims, 27-year old Nicole Glass, says the loss of these two women is unbearable.

“Seven years, nothing, you know, my wish today is if you know something, say something,” Glass said.

She says, after all this time, the silence has to stop.

“There's a $10,000 reward through Silent Witness," Glass said. "I'm just hoping that somebody seven years later has the maturity to say, 'Hey, I need to do the right thing and step up.'”

She said there's simply no way to explain the heartbreak she's endured over this incredible loss.

“Awful, there are no words to describe how a parent feels,” she added.

Nicole and her pregnant roommate Melissa Mason we're found strangled in their home. There are no leads in the case, still to this day.

“You don't get to know the details, you're just out there hoping and praying that somebody comes forward,” Glass said.

After seven years with no answers, Glass said her only saving grace through this grieving process is through salvation.

“She’d say, 'Oh mom, oh mom, don't worry I'm happy in heaven, I'm a happy girl in heaven,'” Glass said.

At this point, the families simply want to peacefully say goodbye to these two women and know that there's some justice served in their names.

If you have any information regarding this case you may contact Silent Witness at 480-948-6377.