MESA, Ariz. – A Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist wanted to etch his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. And as of Friday, real estate magnet Michael Pollack’s museum in Mesa is home to a Guinness World Record-holding 3D advertising collection.

“It’s a new record for Guinness. It’s a new record category,” Jimmy Coggins, the adjudicator who counted everything, said. “The threshold we’re looking to hit today is 6,000. Based on looking through the catalog last night, we’re well over that number. I just need to verify it.”

The record Pollack set goes above 6,000.

When you walk into Pollack's museum, you immediately notice the pieces that move, especially a big clown spinning in a circle.

“We call him the life-size animated clown, but he’s actually made by the Paul M. Stanley Company back in 1946,” said Pollack, head of Pollack Investments, who started collecting items at the age of 12.

“I’ve been collecting a long time. I would buy them at flea markets over on a Saturday.”

Pollack said he spent many nights hard at work, fixing them up.

“Then after they were renovated, I would take them to antique stores and I’d try to sell them at a profit, so that’s how it got started actually and then later it just became an obsession,” he said.

Pollack also has miniature mannequins to 144 of the Baranger displays, like the “Stagecoach Honeymoon” and the “Drum,” which features what look like diamond rings moving in a circle.

They were leased to jewelry stores from 1937 to 1977.

“They produced about 160, 165 of these units,” said Pollack. “They were rented to jewelry stores, never really sold.”

If you’d like to check out some of Pollack’s collectibles up close and personal, you can do so at the Pollack Tempe Cinemas. That’s where they rotate out about 60 to 100 items from time to time.

“There’s actually, probably no place that I can think of that we don’t have a piece from, because I’ve actually traveled the globe looking for pieces,” Pollack said.