Blair Robertson decided to meet a friend a few days ago for a late lunch on a work trip. The two men were sitting in a restaurant near Niagara Falls when something you don’t expect happened.

“I was about to bite into my eggs when there was a loud explosion,” said Robertson.

At that moment, a car came crashing through the restaurant window he was sitting by. Robertson was lifted into the air and then landed next to another table.

“I saw the table go upside down. Everything was in slow motion,” said Robertson.

The car came to rest about 15 feet inside the restaurant. Robertson was pinned between the 4,000-pound car and a table.

“I screamed for her to back up,” said Robertson.

It took about 30 seconds but eventually Robertson was freed and, amazingly, walked away.

Employees in the restaurant and his friend can be seen in the store video scrambling to try and help Robertson.

“I remember being thrown up in the air and then being pulled down, that’s when the car trapped my leg,” said Robertson.

Paramedics told him he was fortunate to be alive and that he could have easily been killed. It’s ironic in a way when you learn what Robertson does for a living -- he’s a psychic medium.

“I hate that term but that’s what I’m called in the business. I talk to dead people,” said Robertson.

When asked, what happened by a firefighter at the scene Robertson said, “I did not foresee this happening,” as he flashed a wry smile.

On a serious note, Robertson is hoping to draw attention to the fact that the elderly driver who hit him was not cited.

“I think the laws need to be changed,” said Robertson.

12 News was unable to contact police in Ontario, Canada but according to Robertson, the driver was not tested for any sort of impairment.

According to Phoenix police, a similar crash here would include a citation. Robertson was not seriously injured in the crash. He sustained several bruises and cuts along with whiplash and an injured shoulder.