PHOENIX - For a select few special Valley students, there is no better way to spend summer than preparing for their future, especially when you have access to cutting-edge medical tools.

While most high schoolers are spending their summer sleeping in, juniors and seniors like Marcus Vergara and Amrutha Chethikattio are getting a head start on their ambitious medical career goals.

“Right now I’m really leaning towards surgery, so probably cardiothoracic surgery or something like that,” Vergara said.

“It’s really fun using all of the tools and everything," Chethikattio said. "It’s not like we’re blindly learning on PowerPoints. We’re actually getting to use stuff, which I’d never get to do at my high school.”

Close to 50 of the Valley’s highest achieving future doctors, veterinarians and dentists are spending eight days at a Midwestern University Health Career Camp.

“I think it’s really interesting to explore the different fields, which I didn’t really have a feel of," Vergara said. "So that’s probably why I chose this one, this specialty.”

The teens are learning from some of the best staff and students on campus, like dental student Russell York.

“I think a lot of what they want to do now in high school is based on this and experiences later on down the road," York said.

Whether they were in the dental lab working with drills, or a state of the art laser on the jaw of a pig, the students’ eyes were opened to all of the different medical career possibilities at their fingertips.

“It was easy to use and you just step on something and the beam comes out and it starts melting through," Chethikattio said. "And as the doctor was saying, it doesn’t start bleeding and it’s really painless for whatever you’re operating on.”

The camp continues for one week and the participants will get to learn more about surgery, emergency response and even the fire department.