PHOENIX - Eduardo Canda, a Valley resident, isn’t just relieved to be back home, he was happier than ever to run into his family’s arms as they awaited his arrival at Sky Harbor Airport.

“Well I was just so happy to see my daughter, to see my wife,” said Canda.

Canda survived Tuesday’s massive earthquake near Mexico City and says he was inside a building that split in two.

“It was horrible. The windows started breaking. We were in the small little mall, you know. The mall was completely destroyed,” he said.

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Incredibly enough, it’s not the first time Canda has experienced a major earthquake. He also survived the Mexican capital’s monstrous quake that killed thousands of people in 1985.

“It happened exactly on the same day, on the same month,” said Canda, who had just practiced in the city’s annual earthquake drill.

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His wife, Maria Ponce, is just glad he’s home. “I thank God him and his family are okay.”

Canda had been visiting his family in Mexico City. Just one day before he was scheduled to return to Phoenix, the city was hit by the devastating quake.

“It’s kinda sad for me because I know my mom is still over there, my brother is still over there. Half of my heart is going to stay over there and my other half is still here,” said Canda.