File this under incredibly unfortunate.

During a recent service at Phoenix Christian Assembly church on Christmas Eve, Pastor Don Grosvenor was leading a prayer as usual.

"It was a very serious moment because the whole evening had been just beautiful,” Grosvenor recalled.

What happened next would drastically change the feeling of Christmas Eve service.

In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, we see Grosvenor speaking as a man, the Pastor's son-in-law Bobby Brewer, accidentally knocks over a couple candle stands in the background.

VIDEO: Shattering glass interrupts prayer

"I heard pastor's mic making a noise, so I kind of turned and felt something hit my shoulder,” Brewer said.

The shattering glass echoes through the building as the man awkwardly picks up the remnants and slowly walks away.

Grosvenor takes it like a total boss and continued his prayer without missing a beat.

"Prayer is an interesting thing, and I have tried to learn in my ministry to be able to pray without being distracted, and I think it really paid off on Christmas Eve,” says Grosvenor.

There isn't a confessional around that will help that poor guy. He's now an internet icon.