An Uber self-driving vehicle was rear ended in a three-car collision near Apache and Terrace on Friday, Tempe police spokesman Ron Elcock confirmed.

Police officers at the scene said the self-driving vehicle was the victim of a chain reaction.

The Uber was stopped at a red light with a car behind it. A red truck rear ended the car behind the Uber, pushing into the rear of the self-driving car.

The crash happened around 1 p.m., Elcock said.

One of the vehicles, not the self-driving car, left the scene and was found nearby, according to Elcock.

One person was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries, Elcock said.

This isn't the first crash involving a self-driving Uber. One was involved in a crash at the end of March as well.

Uber moved their self-driving to vehicles to Arizona last December, after the state of California revoked registration for the vehicles.