PHOENIX, Ariz. - Two boys in Glendale received an award for helping their neighbor escape from an apartment fire this fall. The Glendale Fire and Police departments honored 14-year-old Malikah Barfield and 12-year-old Bryson Burris for their heroic efforts and quick thinking.

Back in October, Malikah and Bryson noticed smoke coming from a neighbor's apartment and without hesitation, got a fire extinguisher, rushed into the burning unit and assist the neighbor out safely. The boys put the fire out and then contacted the police.

“I just think these two young men are heroes, true heroes,” said Ashley Losh, Glendale Fire public information officer. “Not a lot of 12- or 14-year-olds would put their lives on the line without a thought for themselves and it’s something for us to take a moment and think about and be grateful for, especially at this time of year.”

Investigators say the resident, who intentionally set the fire as a suicide attempt, suffered smoke inhalation. Malikah and Bryson had minor cuts from breaking the glass to get the fire extinguisher but are okay.