PHOENIX - The Trump administration's proposed budget could cut funding from social programs like Meals on Wheels, officials with that organization said Thursday.

The budget proposal calls for eliminating Community Block Development Grants, or CBDGs. CBDGs are basically pools of money that can be dolled out for different projects or programs. Some states or counties use them for infrastructure, some use them to fully fund programs like Meals on Wheels.

Arizona Meals on Wheels programs are funded through a variety of sources, officials said, but some are funded significantly through CBDGs.

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During Thursday's White House press briefing, the administration said those grants were "not showing any results."

Arizona YWCA CEO Regina Edwards said her Meals on Wheels program in Glendale gets results by feeding seniors who would otherwise go hungry.

"We're the only program [in Glendale]," Edwards said. "Many of these people simply would eat less."

Many Meals on Wheels programs in Maricopa County get money through the Area Agency on Aging. Officials with that agency said they're not in danger of losing all their funding because they use CBDG money for other projects and fund Meals on Wheels with other sources.

Still, they said programs like job training for seniors and some home-based senior services would suffer if the cuts went through as planned.

The Trump administration's budget is only a proposal and will likely change before it's officially adopted, but it shows the administration's priorities for government spending.