GLENDALE, Ariz. - A pickup truck blasted through a wall and into a backyard pool in Glendale Thursday afternoon, damaging the truck and leaving a mess in the backyard.

Homeowner Mohammed Alkhial was at his home near Glendale Avenue and 77th Drive when the truck plowed through.

"About 2:15, I was working on my house and I hear some noise and the window cracked," he said. "And I ran to know what happen and I saw that a truck [was] inside my pool."

Alkhial's video surveillance system caught the crash on camera.

PHOTOS: Truck rams through wall, into Glendale pool

Glendale police said a citizen jumped into the pool to help and officers also assisted in getting the woman who drove the truck out safely.

She was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, according to fire officials. There was no further update on her condition.

It's not known what caused the woman to lose control of her truck, which was dragged out and towed away.

Alkhial's pool was full of debris and oil after the crash -- he said police told him to follow up with insurance and gave him a card with the case number.