PHOENIX - Driving through the North Encanto Historic District, the house is hard to miss.

“We worked very hard to have it be a historic neighborhood, and everybody takes care of their yards,” said Irene Barrientos, who's lived in the neighborhood for 31 years.

“It's really quite beautiful. Except we got this," Barrientos said as she pointed to an industrial sized dumpster sitting in the front yard of a home on the corner of 17th Avenue and Flower Street.

The home, which is believed to be vacant, is noticeably in disrepair with an overgrown yard fulls of weeds and trash.

“We've had police out because there were some homeless people that had broken in and were living in it,” Barrientos told 12 News.

“We're just anxious to see the situation corrected,” said Sheila Trees.

Trees, who lives right next door to the house, says squatters are a constant problem.

She says she’s been watching the condition of the house decline for close to a year.

“You could see it slowly being neglected,” she said.

The neglect neighbors say started after the property's longtime owner sold it.

“Whoever bought it decided they were going to flip it, and the dumpster came before Thanksgiving,” Trees said.

Neighbors say they've complained to the owner, and despite promises to clean things up, the dumpster, weeds and trash remain.

12 News got a hold of the property owner, who identified herself as Tiffany Griebel.

“I'll be there tomorrow morning at 10 to clean up that yard,” Griebel told 12 News over the phone.

“I had no intentions of letting it go,” she said, “I entrusted someone else to handle it while I was tied up in something else, but it is my responsibility. So I want it done tomorrow,” Griebel continued.

“Honestly, my first thought was she's not going to show up, and she didn't,” Trees said.

10 a.m. came and went. Neighbors say Griebel was a no show.

12 News also went back to the house and found the property in the same condition as the day before.

Neighbors are now pinning their hopes on the City of Phoenix to take action.

A city representative told 12 News the property owner has already been cited, and if the cleanup isn't completed by next month, the city can seize the property.

“People are looking at homes that are for sale and they see that,” Barrientos said as she referred to the dumpster. "They don't want to live in a neighborhood with neighbors like that.”

12 News received a call from the property owner Saturday morning.

She says she is working to get the dumpster removed and yard cleaned and was given until September 6th to do so by the city.

She also said she is working on getting some issues resolved with the dumpster company.