PHOENIX - McClintock High School debate coach Tim Cornwell specializes in turning teenagers into solid debaters. In fact, Cornwell was recently named the Arizona high school debate coach of the year.

We asked the debate expert to watch Wednesday night’s third and final presidential debate from our 12 News newsroom.

"it's interesting that you can see more coaching this time around because they've changed strategy this time around,” Cornwell said of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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Cornwell has not been particularly pleased with some of the techniques Trump used in the first two debates, but he said this time around is different.

"It's much, much better than he was doing before,” he said, noting on Trump’s generally calmer demeanor.

It’s obvious the two presidential candidates have gone to the tape to see where their flaws lie and how they can gain the upper hand.

"They can look and analyze them,” Cornwell said. “Show them to him and see what you're doing wrong. It's definitely a competent strategy."

As a debate coach who is always seeing teenagers grow with their skills, Cornwell was impressed with Trump’s ability to change while not being a seasoned debater.

"He has come a long way,” Cornwell said. “He's really, it's just something that new to him. She's a professional arguer in a sense. But he's grown a lot in how he's presenting his rhetoric."