CHANDLER, Ariz. - The Rockford Peaches continue to hit it out of the park in the East Valley.

The all-girls baseball program has two new teams this season: Peaches Pink and Peaches Red.

"I think everyone just loves seeing these girls out playing against the boys," said head coach Carly Accardo, "and it's not mattering that there is a team full of boys or a team full of girls but they’re still competitive."

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The Peaches have five teams. The oldest are in the AA division.

On Saturday, the AA team crushed “The Boneheads" 18 to 7.

As word spreads about the franchise, more parents are signing their girls up to play ball.

"They want their daughter on the Peaches," said Accardo. "They don’t want them on any other team. I would not be surprised if in a year we’re at seven or eight teams."