MARICOPA, Ariz. - Police in Flagstaff said they have recovered the remains of a woman believed to be Cathryn Gorospe. And a few hundred miles south, a mother's heart is breaking all over again.

"You never forget. The tears never stop. You go on day-to-day life trying to keep life normal, and it’s just never going to be normal again," Diana Schalow said from her living room in Maricopa. It's been a year and half since her daughter Angela Russo was murdered and left in the desert. The story about 44-year-old Cathryn Gorospe's disappearance near Flagstaff is really hitting her hard.

"A friend brought it to my attention because of the fact that it was similar to our daughter: She went out on a date or knew the young man and never came home, and it was just not their character" Schalow said.

The search parties, the vigils, all seem eerily similar to what Schalow and her family went through during the investigation. She remembers how the mood changed when her worst fears were realized.

“When you do find out they are gone, it plays over and over and over in your head as to what happened. And there’s only two people who know what happened: the one who is gone, and the one who did it to them. And you know the one that did it to them is never going to tell you the truth as to what they actually did to your daughter," Schalow said.

Lashawn Johnson is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Schalow's daughter, Angela. Meanwhile, in Gorospe's case, Flasgstaff police are waiting on DNA results to confirm if the body they found is indeed Cathryn's.