For 70 years the Phoenix Boys Choir has been performing for a variety of cities around the Valley, singing everything from holiday favorites to renowned pieces.

The elite group of performers visited the 12 News studio Friday to showcase the spirit of the season. Director George Stangleberger is proud of his choir.

“The bells are of course difficult to hold and handle when we're doing the piece,” he said.

Stangleberger says the choir's holiday performances will include "Carol of the Bells” and “Silent Night.”

“As they get to the higher levels, of course, there's more commitment because we want them to be groomed for the big concerts and special appearances,” he said.

Dedicated vocalists Thomas Koska, T.J. Huizar and Bobby Mohan have performed with the choir for three years.

“Every single rehearsal, we're all just prepped and ready to give the best performance we can,” Mohan said. “I truly believe deep down in my heart, that the Phoenix Boys Choir is a place to find yourself and to find the impact you can have on others.”

“We get to make amazing new friends that will last for a lifetime,” said Koska.

Bonding over bells and traveling the world is something the group is grateful for.

“Going across the world, around the world, is just an amazing experience and I hope everyone can experience that at some point in their life,” Huizar added.

Even though their one hundred members may seem like plenty, the Phoenix Boys Choir is looking for more talented teens to join.

“We are looking. We've got a very special offer this year for any boy that wants to audition for the choir. The family and the boy can get free tickets for our concerts,” Stangleberger said.

The choir will host performances beginning December 8. For ticket information, click here.