PHOENIX - Nearly 240 firework-related injuries occur across the nation every single day in the month surrounding the Fourth of July, according to the Phoenix Fire Department.

"Well see a lot of people that hold a bottle rocket in their hand or they will hold a flare in their hand and they will want to shoot it in a certain direction," said Captain Larry Subervi with Phoenix FD.

Forty-six percent of the injuries involve the hands or fingers.

"Sometimes we see fireworks that don't go off and when people approach the firework there is a secondary explosion," Subervi said.

In 2015, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul made national headlines after a firework went off in his hand. He released a PSA last year with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

He said he was holding a firework that he tried to light multiple times when it exploded in his hand.

Subervi said the reason there are so many injuries is because there is a lack of awareness of the dangers of fireworks.

Last year in Surprise, 38-year-old Derek Baldwin was making illegal fireworks in his driveway when there was an explosion.

"There is still significant damage across the top of the garage," said neighbor Greg Burgoyne. "They told me later he died instantly."

The City of Phoenix lists the fireworks that are legal and safe on its website.

Violators who use illegal fireworks can face a mandatory minimum fine of $1,000.