PHOENIX - Jurors in the trial of a former Mesa cop accused of killing an unarmed man in 2016 heard from a second person who was in the man's hotel room that night.

Phillip Brailsford is accused of shooting Daniel Shaver at a Mesa La Quinta hotel in 2016. Police were responding to a report of a man pointing a rifle out the window of one of the rooms. Shaver had a pellet rifle but was unarmed when Brailsford allegedly shot him.

There were two people in Shaver's room before the police arrived. Monday, jurors heard from Lui Nunez, who testified he was in and out of the room for only a few minutes.

But Nunez's testimony did not match up with that of Monique Portillo, Nunez's coworker who was also in the hotel room that night.

Portillo testified that everyone had been drinking that night. Nunez, however, testified he had nothing to drink, but believed Portillo did. Portillo claimed to have only drunk alcohol before coming back to the hotel.

Nunez and Portillo's testimony conflicted on where they met Shaver. Nunez testified they met Shaver in the hotel lobby and elevator. Portillo had testified Shaver was outside his hotel room on the fifth floor of the hotel.

In the afternoon, prosecutors called officer Brian Elmore, who had responded to the call along with Brailsford. Elmore had also been armed with an AR-15, as Brailsford had, but did not fire that night.

Elmore testified he had been trained not to fire unless he saw a threat.