PHOENIX - The remaining inmates at Tent City were transferred to Durango Jail over the weekend.

Earlier this year, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone announced the infamous outdoor jail would be closing and the process to dismantle the tents would begin.

Now the tents are completely empty and all but the ConTents, where the work furlough and work release inmates were, have been taken down.

Former Sheriff Joe Apraio built Tent City in 1993 to accommodate a spike in jail population. It was his pride for over 20 years.

“[Tent City] has saved the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars -- was a great deterrence,” said Arpaio.

However, Sheriff Penzone said getting rid of Tent City would save tax payers $4.5 million annually. He was not available and his office would not comment, but Mark Casey with the communications department said MCSO plans to hold a press conference on Friday to talk about a “positive” outcome that’s resulted from removing the tents.