TEMPE, Ariz. - While back to school time can be exciting for so many students, it can also be a challenge for others. Educators in Tempe and Guadalupe want to make sure none of their students slip through the cracks this year.

Before students even step foot in the classroom this year, people from around the community are knocking on doors and making sure students will be there when the first bell rings.

The message Guadalupe Mayor Valerie Molina is spreading is, we want you back.

“By us going out and saying, hey we care, we’re on your door on a Saturday morning, it has to show something for them," Molina said.

Valley educators, volunteers and leaders like Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell are hitting the streets, reaching out to students.

"We all know that kids are the future," Mitchell said. "We take that very seriously in Tempe and it’s very important to us that our kids get a good quality education.”

They're hoping to keep every student in school in the Tempe School District.

“Some of these kids are first generation as far as getting through high school, so they don’t know how to get through it," Molina said. "Their support system at home might not be as strong as they would like it to be.”

Teams spending their Saturday before school officially starts, visiting homes of students who may be at risk of dropping out, says Tempe Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Baca.

“We know if we don’t invest in our students of today, that the economic future for them and the community will be challenged," Baca said.

It's a village mentality, stepping forward for a better tomorrow.