TEMPE, Ariz - Operators of a Tempe animal rescue facility had the passion to place thousands of animals into forever homes, just not the funds to keep it going.

"Ohana has been running in the red for quite awhile," said interim Director Lidia Manov. And for that reason, the doors of the Ohana Animal Rescue Adoption Center will be closing June 30.

For the past six years, the rescue facility successfully housed and cared for dogs and cats at its northwest Tempe location near Rio Salado Parkway and McClintock Road.

According to staff members, the rescue's founders, Gabe and Dee Arroyo, were unable to secure enough long-term funding to maintain the center's operation.

Back in January there were about 100 animals at the facility awaiting adoption when it became apparent that the center's sustainability was in doubt, Manov said.

As of early May, she said, the rescue had about 50 dogs and cats left at the facility. Volunteers have worked tirelessly to adopt out all but the last 13 dogs. These are the toughest cases, but with the public's help, they're confident they can find homes for all of them.

"This is the toughest of the toughest, and unfortunately, that's why they're last," Manov said. "They have the most special of needs," she stressed, "but they're perfectly fine dogs, they just have that special situation."

She said the remaining dogs will require special living arrangements such as being the only dog in the home, with or without small children, or no cats or other small animals.

As an added bonus, the staff at Ohana Animal Rescue say they've secured the services of a certified trainer to work with adopters interested in these particular dogs.

Owners of the adoption center building say the current tenant will no longer be able to operate the premises as a pet rescue/adoption facility starting July 1, 2017, so it is critical the dogs are adopted by Friday.

If you are interested in learning about the remaining dogs, click here.

Information on the remaining dogs can be found on the Advocates on Behalf of Ohana Dogs Facebook page.