SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - TASER International unveiled the second generation of its popular police body cameras Tuesday, including features that could help address what critics see as holes in the body camera programs.

"One of the biggest complaints about police body cameras is there's too much discretion over when police have them on and off," Steve Kilar of the Arizona ACLU said.

TASER's new Axon Flex 2 can be set to automatically turn on whenever an officer opens a car door, unlocks a weapon from inside the car, or turns on the overhead lights and siren.

The cameras also work wirelessly with TASER's stun guns, which can also tell the cameras to start recording whenever an officer flicks off the safety.

"It will signal to all cameras within 30 feet for a second time frame to turn on the cameras automatically," TASER spokesman Steve Tuttle said.

Additionally, Tuttle said the new camera models have a "buffer" that can record before an officer presses the "record" button. Departments can decide to record up to two minutes before an officer pushes the button to start recording in order to see what led up to an incident.