PEORIA, Ariz. - Soaring into an Arizona sunrise, trike gliders are some of the first to rise in the Valley.

Arizona Office of Tourism Director Debbie Johnson took her first ride with for Arizona Travel and Tourism Week.

“In an airplane you feel like you’re in an airplane, but this you feel like you’re flying,” Johnson said.

An endless stretch of Arizona desert is open to you as far as your eyes can see, hundreds of feet in the air.

“You can see off in every single direction,” Johnson said. “It was cool to see the mountains. It was cool to see the hot air balloons.”

Pilot Denny Reed takes his passengers on the experience.

“When someone says, 'What’s that close to the ground?' we can go check it out," Reed said. "We can go high to cloud base. We can shut the engine off. We can glide, because that’s what the aircraft does the best.”

Reed owns, a rare adventure company right in our Valley backyard at the Pleasant Valley Airport.

“There’s only five operations like this in the entire North America,” Reed said.

These “motorcycles with wings” or powered hang gliders thrive in the Desert Southwest.

“What we have in Arizona is predictable weather," Reed said. "It may not be good, but it’s predictable.”

It's an experience for anyone looking to soar.

“People find it between adrenaline junkie and peaceful balloon experience," Reed said.

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