SURPRISE, Ariz. - Officials from the Surprise Fire-Medical Department are warning parents of at-home hazards you may not be aware of after the tragic death of a little Surprise girl from an incident Sunday morning.

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"We all are very familiar with the phrase, 'Watch your kids around water,'" said Battalion Chief Julie Moore. "There's other dangers inside the house.... Drapery cords that are hanging down can be hazards."

In a walk-through of a typical Valley apartment, Moore said she noticed many dangers right away.

Recommendations for avoiding tip hazards

• Moor recommends anti-tip devices for anything freestanding: mirrors, dressers, bookshelves, fish tanks, televisions, etc.

• Moore said even a sturdy piece of furniture can tip with the weight of a toddler climbing on it, especially if the center balance is thrown off.

• Furniture anchors can be purchased for less than $10 at hardware stores and online. Check out the results of this simple Google search.

"There's all kinds of safety products out," said Moore. "Parents just need to be more aware of what the hidden dangers could be."

For more information, Phoenix Children's Hospital has more information on five home safety threats you might overlook.