SUN CITY, Ariz. - Police have arrested a man who admitted to shooting his wife Sunday as they fought over a gun she put under her pillow after he assaulted her earlier in the day.

The woman was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries and, as of Monday, is in critical condition.

Karl Lepak, 51, told police that early Sunday morning, he had hit his wife in the head with a metal water bottle after she had hit him with it on his arms. He told police he was tired of her swearing at him while she was drunk.

He said he tried to choke her until she was unconscious after hitting her to get her to stop yelling, according to police documents.

After spending the night on the couch, Lepak told police he joined his wife in bed when he felt a gun on the side of the pillow. He grabbed it and they fought over the gun.

Lepak said during the struggle he accidentally shot his wife in the chest. Police said he then called 911 and his wife was airlifted to a hospital.

Lepak faces three counts of aggravated assault and is currently in the 4th Avenue Jail.