A loaded handgun was returned to its owner Friday after a student found it in the bathroom at the public library on the Hamilton High School campus, according to a letter to parents from acting principal Chris Farabee.

The student found the holstered weapon in a bathroom stall and immediately reported it to library staff, the letter said.

An off-duty Phoenix police officer forgot the gun in the bathroom while visiting the library, according to Sgt. Daniel Mejia of the Chandler PD.

Mejia said the owner returned to library minutes later to retrieve the gun. Responding officers determined that no crime was committed.

Phoenix police said they were notified of the incident and have sent it to the Professional Standards Bureau for review.

Letter from acting Hamilton Principal Chris Farabee:

Dear parents and guardians,

I am writing to you to let you know that a student found a loaded handgun in a holster on a handicap rail in the stall of a restroom in the Hamilton Public Library this afternoon (the library on the Hamilton campus). The student reported the gun to city library staff immediately, it was retrieved and secured by the Chandler Police School Resource Officer and students are safe.

The adult community member who was visiting the Chandler Public Library and left his gun in the bathroom stall, returned for his gun and has been identified by the Chandler Police Department. Police investigated and determined that no crime had been committed.