Former Phoenix Suns point guard and NBA MVP Steve Nash criticized President Donald Trump through a strongly-worded tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

Using some profane language, Nash lashed out on Trump saying defending white supremacists and promoting his business "pretty much sums up the man."

Viewer discretion is advised. Read the tweet by clicking here.

Nash's tweet is referring to comments Trump made during a press conference Tuesday in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan regarding the weekend's violence in Charlottesville, VA. Trump reinstated his stance that hate is being spewed on "both sides" adding that counter-protesters at the Unite the Right rally were just as violent.

Nash points out that Trump chose to comment on a winery he owns in Charlottesville when he was asked if he would visit the town where the riot took place. This was reported through a tweet by NBC Nightly News.

This is not the first time Nash has spoken out about political issues. In the past, Nash has voiced his opinions opposing anti-immigration bill SB1070 and the Iraq War.