PHOENIX - The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library was the place to be for St. Patrick's Day 2017.

No green beer was on tap, but if you drink Guinness beer, that's Irish enough, they say.

But THE cultural center makes up for the lack of green beer with so much to offer on the historical, cultural, gastronomical and musical fronts.

The McClelland Library has more than 10,000 books, all written by Irish authors.

There is cottage hidden behind the prominent castle that towers over the corner of Central Avenue and Portland Street in the Roosevelt Row district of downtown Phoenix.

Inside you can experience Irish history hands-on.

The building was designed to replicate the architecture from Ireland in the year 850.

A whole room is dedicated to St. Patrick himself, a bishop and patron saint of Ireland.

For Friday's event they had story time for the children, live music with harps -- the symbol of the country, shanty songs and live bagpipe players.

Over the burners was shepherds pie, mashed potatoes, banger pork sausages, and a full bar.

The party lasts until 10 p.m. with live music.

But the cultural center remains all year long, with Gaelic lessons (a native language of the country), tea time every third Saturday -- the center even participates in First Friday events.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!