PHOENIX - Few things are as frustrating as getting caught in those long TSA lines, especially when they cause you to miss your flight.

Now, passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport can finally plan around this delay before they travel, as the airport is showing security wait times.

The wait times for the Terminal 4 and Terminal 2 security checkpoints are available online at Wait times for Terminal 3 will be available after a new checkpoint opens there later this year.

Once at the airport, you can see the wait times on the flight information displays at the Phoenix Sky Train stations and in the terminals.

The timer begins when the traveler first gets in line at security and ends when carry-on bags are picked up after the screening process. Wait times reflect conditions in regular screening lines, not TSA Pre-Check.

The tool will be especially helpful for those traveling through Terminal 4, as it serves more than 80 percent of Sky Harbor's customers, according to an airport spokesperson.