We are 10 weeks away from Christmas, but giving came early this year for a very special single mother of two.

Chastity Yazzie fell on hard times and reached out to Helping Hands for Single Mom's for help. After totaling her only car, the non-profit organization teamed up with NARPRO, a group of auto repair shop owners, to donate a used Ford Focus.

“She had no way of getting to work or school and we believe in giving back and paying it forward, it touches our heart," said Howard Fleischmann, owner of Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair.

"We don’t get a chance to give back a lot, but when we do we jump right on it,” said Rinny Dyar, Senior V.P. of Valley Towing Company.

“I thought maybe I’d get a couple of bus cards or something, but this is just over and beyond,” said Yazzie.

Just a few years ago, all Yazzie had for her family was clothes and a bed, but a new job gave her the boost she needed to get out of an unhealthy relationship and back into school. Yazzie is expected to graduate this December and will become a nurse. Today became the cherry on top of a promising future.

“I’m just so thankful, helping hands has been our lifesaver these past two years and this is just overwhelming beyond anything I would have ever expected,” said Yazzie.

It's acts of kindness like this that give people hope.

“It just shows us that there are members in our community that think about other’s and the less fortunate. That’s what community is all about and I’m thankful for NARPRO and Helping Hands for giving us the opportunity to follow our dreams and succeed so in the future, we too can give back to our community," said Yazzie.

If you are a single mother who needs assistance while going to school, visit the Helping Hands for Single Moms wesbite to learn more and fill out an application.