GLENDALE, Ariz- A second Valley woman says she was bitten at least 14 times by bed bugs at the same AMC theater another woman reported about earlier this week.

Marisol Delgado says she went to AMC Westgate 20 Oct. 2 to watch a movie with her husband. However, when she got home she found her lower back full of bumps and rashes.

Delgado immediately called the theater and then filed a complaint with management. To her surprise, AMC responded with two movie passes, but after what’s happened, she said she has no intentions to go back.

Earlier this week, Crystal Roze Mitchel posted on Facebook pictures of what she says are bed bugs on a chair at the same AMC theater in Glendale.

Less than two days after that post, the movie company’s representative said the hall had been treated for bedbugs and reopened.

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AMC dealt with the same issue on yet another Facebook post. Jessica Vidal says her husband was bit by bugs on his neck at an AMC in New York. This post shared nearly 15,000 times.

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In a statement AMC says:

“AMC is vigilant and aggressive about the inspection and treatment of this issue. Every seat at AMC Westgate 20 is proactively inspected monthly and treated immediately if any evidence is found.”