PHOENIX - Imagine going through this excessive heat wave with no escape.

That's what people in an entire apartment complex in Phoenix say they've had to deal with since the air conditioning stopped working days ago.

When you walk through the front door of one of the apartments, you instantly break a sweat. It’s something residents say they're tired of dealing with, because they can only take so much heat.

"The heat is just blasting right on the roofs," said 66-year old Liliana Sanchez, braving Friday’s record-setting heat without air conditioning.

"Especially in Phoenix, people die from heat," she said.

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Sanchez said she actually had to go outside to seek relief.

"Cool air don't come," she said.

And she's feeling it.

"It's no good, because you get nauseous," she said. "This is ridiculous.”

And she's not the only one at the Bridge Lane apartment homes off of 35th and Peoria avenues.

"It's just a pain,” said James Evens. “I don't want to sweat in my house.”

“I have my wife, my kids, my animals,” said Henry Rojas.

"Right now we're all suffering," said Derrick Wilkins.

The residents say their apartment complex has been like this for days.

"You could feel it,” said Sanchez. “You know I'm watching my thermostat. It's going up."

So where is the management company? 12 News took action to get answers. When we called, an official from Sunrise Management said they didn’t even know about the problem.

But a short time later, a repairman showed up.

After the repairmen showed up, residents say the issue is still not resolved. We spoke with the onsite manager off camera, who said residents should contact them with any further issues.