PHOENIX - Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Randy Johnson was found back inside Chase Field Friday night, but for this event, the legendary left hander was feeling a different type of pressure.

“When you go to watch me pitch, you know whether I pitched good or bad,” said Johnson. "Here, it's all subjective, whether you like it or not it's all up to you.”

Johnson was at the ballpark to give fans a glimpse of another one of his passions.

The passion he’s been pursuing since he announced his retirement back in 2010.

“This has actually been a lifelong passion of mine, photography,” Johnson told 12 News.

“Ever since high school and then I studied photojournalism at USC.”

Johnson's photography website is full of photos he's taken during his travels around the world.

But Friday’s showing was the first time his fans got to see them up close and even bid on one to take home.

Those in attendance told 12 News it opened them up to a softer more artistic side of the Big Unit.

"Everyone has hidden talents. We just don’t see them every day,” said one fan.

As for the artist, himself, with so many images to choose from, picking a favorite would be impossible.

“That would be like asking me, ‘Do I have a favorite child?' and I don't,” Johnson said. “They're all special in their own way.”