PHOENIX – Chances of the Graham-Cassidy bill passing to replace Obamacare are slim.

Republican Sen. John McCain is being vocal about his opposition.

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But some protestors are thanking him for “holding the line.”

A group of about 20 people lined the sidewalk in front of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake's office Saturday morning to encourage him to do the same.

Flake has been adamant at repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Flake recently told 12 News the current bill would give Arizona more flexibility with insurance coverage and that it would make it cheaper for people.

But one protestor says she’s worried how details regarding pre-existing conditions will affect her brother, who’s been diagnosed a second time with cancer.

"He would have a hard time getting the benefits that he needs to have, chemo, radiation, and have all those hospital stays covered,” said Lauren Cooperrider.

Senator Bill Cassidy is one of the bill's sponsors. He's set to defend the repeal bill in front of a Senate panel Monday.