The next time you visit Phoenix Zoo, you'll find 15 prehistoric giants among the other beasts.

It's part of the new Dinosaurs in the Desert exhibit at the zoo, courtesy of The Dinosaur Company.

A total of 15 animatronic robots that move and make sounds like the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Diabloceratops (cousin to the Triceratops) will be laid out around the zoo.

That also includes dinosaurs you may not have heard of, such as the Dilophosaurus, which is actually the state dinosaur of Arizona. The Dilophosaurus used to roam in what is now our state during prehistoric times.

Some of the robots are life size, like the Tyrannosaurus, which is 40-feet long and about 20-feet high-- the same proportions it would have reach in Jurassic times.

The exhibit opens to the public Oct. 6th, and will stay in town for seven months. Admission will cost $5, in addition to the general zoo admission.