PHOENIX - The porch pirates are at it early this year.

A Valley man said he had roughly $1,000 worth of packages stolen.

We're talking about a common crime, especially around this time of year, but the homeowner, Michael Garrison, said he can't believe it happened in broad daylight.

Garrison said presents and parts for his business were lifted right off his front porch. Unlike most victims in these cases, Garrison actually has surveillance cameras and caught the thief red-handed.

“So I come home and review my camera and sure enough, UPS delivered at 1:28 three packages, and at 1:34 the gentleman in that U-Haul truck takes away at 1:34 three packages,” he said.

Garrison said he thief used the rental truck to back over his lawn, then proceed to steal the delivery off the door step.

“We can tell from the images that he was letting them make their stop and seeing where they stop, and he slide by and acted like nothing was going on, UPS truck would leave and he'd show back up to get his packages,” he said.

Police said it's thanks to that additional security that helps them catch these criminals.

”We see some good videos, and we see very clear videos nowadays, but we also still have to identify that person,” said Sgt. Jon Howard with the Phoenix Police Department.

Garrison said the porch pirate stole a combination of work equipment that he'll have to replace and car accessories for his son. At this point, what he wants is simple.

“That he gets caught, whether I get my stuff back, it'd be nice if I got it back but if he just gets caught, hopefully he learns a lesson,” Garrison said.

Garrison said even though he has security cameras in place, he's now considering additional tools to keep his property where it belongs.