MESA, Ariz. - Roughly 40 protestors successfully shut down several streets in Mesa Thursday, marching against police brutality.

Cell phone video recently surfaced showing the arrest of Jason Michael Barton. The video appears to show two Mesa officers beating Barton while they say he was resisting arrest.

VIDEO: Witness captures violent Mesa PD arrest of man stopped for jaywalking

"That video didn't show intimidation. That video showed predatory behavior," said protest organizer and activist Jarrett Maupin.

Barton refused to answer questions during the protest, but Maupin demanded the firing of the two officers. Others at the march said they want increased drug testing for police and the "end to future police brutality."

"And then they can worry about training the rest of these loose cannons in their department and see if they're fit to do their job," Maupin said.

Gregg Girarard, a former police officer also showed up to the protest holding an arrow shaped sign saying, "idiots." The sign was pointing at the group of protestors.

"A lot of people just don't understand the circumstances of an arrest," Girard said. "All they want him to do is obey their instructions. When a guy resists, what is a police officer supposed to do?"

Mesa PD is conducting its own internal investigation, but Maupin and others aren't interested in the outcome.

"I don't care what comes from their investigation because police shouldn't be investigating themselves," Maupin yelled.

Mesa police recently cracked down on jaywalking after several pedestrian deaths this year. Police said when they confronted Barton about it, he ran. This is why they said bringing him to the ground was justified. They also said he was in possession of marijuana at the time of his arrest.