PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department said it would expand its search for a missing young mother in a west Phoenix landfill.

Christine Mustafa, 34, was reported missing on May 11 after she failed to show for work and her family was unable to reach her. Mustafa's case began a homicide investigation on May 15.

Detectives will begin searching for her body Monday, Oct. 23, police said. Phoenix PD said detectives have concluded that Mustafa's body is most likely in a landfill and have identified a specific area of the landfill where she may be.

The search will be conducted Monday through Friday, from daybreak to late afternoon, police said. About 30 officers from different agencies will search each day.

Mustafa vanished, leaving behind personal items like her cell phone and keys. Court documents reveal her live-in boyfriend Robert Interval, 37, told his sister he "took it too far" and that he got into an argument with Christina before she disappeared.

In June, police arrested Interval on one count of first-degree murder after detectives developed probable cause.

Phoenix PD said it has allotted nine weeks for the search, though detectives hope to find her sooner.