PHOENIX - The Phoenix Zoo was closed Friday due to damage from Thursday's monsoon storm.

This is the second time in the zoo's 50-year history it has closed because of storms. The first was back in 2015.

"It hit late enough that we were actually closed," said Linda Hartwick with the Phoenix Zoo. "We did have staff here on the ground. So that was great. Everybody mobilized."

All of the animals were OK as well as the habitats which were not damaged.

All hands were on deck Friday morning after the monsoon knocked down a eucalyptus tree in the Enchanted Forest. Tables were shattered and chairs were bent from the tree's fall.

The violent winds also ripped apart a canopy used to host events.

"The stingray based canopy has been destroyed," said Hartwick. "We just have so much litter and mud debris -- flooding -- it really is across the zoo."

The Phoenix Zoo open for business as usual on Saturday. However, the Stingray Bay and Enchanted Forest playhouse area will remain closed.

PHOTOS: Phoenix Zoo damaged by monsoon storm