PHOENIX - After Phoenix resident Maria Ruiz asked for help to get a nagging water leak repaired, a crew from Phoenix's Water Services Department showed up at Ruiz's house Wednesday morning.

The crew was quickly able to locate the source of the leak: an old, cracked, plastic PVC pipe buried under the pavement directly in front of the Ruiz home.

Ruiz said the leak had been bubbling up for about three months creating a lengthy puddle of standing water.

Add to that significantly warmer temperatures, and mosquitos were becoming a nuisance and a real health concern for Ruiz, a leukemia patient and her husband, a cancer survivor.

The crew replaced the pipe with a sturdier copper pipe; and within 20 minutes, the mosquito mess was history, much to Ruiz's relief.

"Dried up, no more water, no more mess," Maria Ruiz said. "No more birds, no more wasps, no more bees, no more mosquitos. I'm trying to get well and I don't want to be afraid to go outside and get bit by something."

For repair services, visit the department's website or call 602-261-8000.