PHOENIX - If you were given the chance to go through boot camp, would you sign up for the experience?

Employees of USAA in Phoenix did, and they came by the dozens. Exactly three months ago, they were told what branch of military they would represent during Zero Day PT and they had that exact amount of time to train and prepare themselves for it.

"This event really began with USAA wanting to honor veterans, and giving our employees an opportunity of what it really means to serve," said Rob Schaffer, a veteran who now works with USAA.

Many of the employees have done this event before, and are planning to do it again.

"I work in HR and some of the drill sergeants are my employees, so they may have taken their revenge today, but it's OK, it was expected," said Jessica Duncan. "We only went through one-tenth of what our veterans and military staff go through on a daily basis."

"So there’s two things that come out of it, right?" Schaffer said. "So they understand what it is to serve, they get a chance to honor veterans. For some it’s (to) honor a family member that served and understand what they went through. So that’s part of it, but the other piece is that they walk away with is an appreciation, of being a part of a team. So you start off as an individual and you come together as a team."