It's no secret that Phoenix can get pretty toasty in the summer.

And this week is no different.

The Valley of the Sun is starting summer in 2017 with near-record temperatures that could pass 120 degrees.

But how rare are these extreme temperatures?

According to the National Weather Service, these highs are pretty uncommon.

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In a recent tweet, the NWS shared some interesting stats about this hot weather.

Since 1896, when summer records were first taken, 118+ degree heat has only been recorded 15 times. And of those 15 times, only three were more than 120 degrees.

Think about it like this; in the last 121 years, or 11,059 days, the temperature has been 118 or higher only 0.14 percent of the time.

So this extreme heat is actually pretty rare.

Well, if we're going to be this hot, we might as well break records and make history.

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