PHOENIX.- Doctors are often told that 1 out of 1,000 patients who suffer a gunshot wound to the head will make it.

Drs. Francis Ali-Osman and Alexzandra Hollingworth from Honor Health John C. Lincoln Medical Center and their ICU crew got to meet that one surviving patient Wednesday under better circumstances than their first meeting.

Tayler Maggi returned to thank the team that saved his life the night of April 14.

Maggi was shot in the head while driving with his girlfriend, causing him to lose control and crash his car. The firefighters who responded to the call were unaware that he had been shot.

"Most people that suffer that type of brain injury do not make it." said Hollingworth. "To see him do his 1, 2, 3's just shows how strong his will is."

Maggi said the recovery experience has been life-changing for him.

"I am honestly so happy. Like, I have never experienced this happiness. It's amazing. I mean, I feel normal -- I feel like nothing happened." said Tayler, who is looking at returning to work soon. "I want to go back to college to become a firefighter like my dad, and stepdad, my grandpa and my cousin."

Maggi's chances were not good when he was brought into the emergency room. No one thought he would survive, but in his room at the ER, a doctor said four miracles had previously happened. His was the fifth.

Although many rounds of therapy are still in Tayler's future, the Maggi-Thompson family is thankful, amazed and proud of how quickly he is returning to his old self.

Tayler Maggi reunites with his physical therapists on Oct. 26, 2016 inside of John C. Lincoln Medical Center. (Photo: JR Cardenas/12 News)