PHOENIX - A group of Phoenix teens ran out of gas Tuesday night and then the unthinkable happened.

Two of the girls were badly hurt after they were hit by a suspected drunk driver near 28th Avenue and Cactus Road.

Mindy Markle, 16, is in a hospital bed at John C. Lincoln Medical Center, with family by her side. Her grandfather, Ted Markle, says she may have to stay there for the next four weeks.

“I’ve known her, her whole life, you know?" Ted said. "I found out she got in an accident and then I found out she got hit and she was in critical condition.”

Mindy is everything to her grandpa and is fighting through a painful recovery.

“They got hit and thrown," Ted said. "They have a lot of road rash on them. If they were in the middle of the car, that would be the end of it right there. So thank God for that.”

Mindy’s grandpa says she’s making great strides and eating on her own Thursday. He's grateful for the doctors who are now trying to save her leg that was crushed between the two cars.

“They cut her other leg open and took a vein out of that and put it on," he said. "And that took care of that problem. And now I’m hoping that it’s going to be OK. She’s a strong girl, she’s a fighter. She’s a leader. Got that from her mom.”

It's strength she’ll need, for the healing ahead.

If you'd like to help Mindy in her recovery, you can donate to her recovery fund.