PHOENIX - A Phoenix couple's dog was hit by a car after she and their other dog were stolen and dropped off at a park Thursday.

Eduardo and Yarida Quintero said their Shar Peis are off-leash dogs and stay in the front yard of their home, but Thursday they were found about 10 blocks away, near 67th Avenue and Camelback Road. A woman in the area said she saw a man drop off the dogs at a park.

She told police that she asked the man what he was doing and he told her he had rescued the dogs but they had become mean.

One dog, Cha Cha, was hit by a car after being dumped at the park, according to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

She suffered serious injuries to her head and cuts to her body before MCACC officials picked her up.

Cha Cha and Wrinkles in the Quinteros' home. (Photo: Quintero family/Special to 12 News)

Wrinkles, the other Shar Pei, was later found by Eduardo in the area of the park.

Yarida told 12 News that Cha Cha and Wrinkles are anxiety service dogs and wore collars with tags noting so. When they were found, they did not have collars.

The woman near the park wrote down a license plate number for the man's vehicle, but the Quinteros still want to know what led to Cha Cha's injuries.

If you have any information about this situation, you can contact Phoenix police at 602-262-6151.