Phoenix police are now investigating whether last year's deadly Serial Street Shootings are connected to the Freeway Shootings that terrorized the Valley two years ago.

But the top cop at the Department of Public Safety doesn't believe it.

DPS tested a weapon owned by Aaron Saucedo, the believed person of interest in the serial shootings, during the Freeway Shootings investigation. Saucedo's gun was one of eight that matched the type of weapon linked to the shootings.

But DPS never tried to connect Saucedo's gun to projectiles recovered during the Freeway Shootings investigation.

Now Phoenix police are checking it out.

DPS Director Frank Milstead said Monday he would be shocked if there was a new weapon tied to the Freeway Shootings.

Milstead remains convinced that a gun owned by Leslie Merritt Jr. is linked to the shootings, even though independent ballistics experts said DPS failed to prove it. Charges against Merritt were dismissed a year ago.

"We believe that's the right gun and we believe the work the crime lab did on that gun is accurate," Milstead said.

Merritt's attorney tells 12 News it's "foolish to speculate until the Phoenix police investigation is complete."
Phoenix PD remains mum on the street shooter investigation.