PHOENIX - We're learning new details on the former NFL player accused of murdering his own wife.

Former Cowboys linebacker Anthony McClanahan is facing a slew of charges, including kidnapping, after reports say he took his son from an Arizona school and left town.

Phoenix police said local investigators are working with Park City police out of Utah to get to the bottom of this complex set of crimes, involving not only McClanahan's son but now his murdered wife.

“At this point, we don't know where all the blood is coming from,” Park City detectives said.

They said 28-year-old Keri "KC" McClanahan was found dead early Thursday morning in a condo near Park City.

“The victim was still in bed,” detectives said.

Investigators said the young mother had slashes to her throat.

“Primary concern is to make sure we're thorough and that we don't miss anything and we're not assuming anything,” detectives said.

The only suspect in the case as of Sunday is Keri's husband, 46-year-old Anthony McClanahan who, according to the Associated Press, was already facing charges for kidnapping his son from another relationship and refusing to give him back to his mother.

The couple had only been married since January and since then, have done several donation drives for hard-hit cities like Houston and Las Vegas.

According to the Summit County Attorney's Office, Keri was from Arizona and lived in Glendale, where Anthony ran a fitness business called 41 Sports. If you go to that business's website, it redirects customers to a Gofundme page for Keri.

The site indicates that the Gofundme is set up to help with the costs of bringing KC back home to her family so she can have a proper funeral and memorial. Any additional funds raised will be used to support her two children.