Phoenix police may have a person of interest in the Serial Street Shooter case currently detained on an unrelated charge.

Sources connected to the case tell 12 News there is a major development in the case.

Phoenix police officials have declined to confirm the development yet publicly.

"For those of you asking about the serial shooter investigation, there is no update to provide," wrote Phoenix PD Sgt. Jon Howard in an email. "We continue to investigate all tips and encourage the public to continue reporting any info they may have."

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12 News has spoken to a surviving victim of the Serial Street Shooter. He says police came back to his home recently and showed him several photos, one of which he identified as the shooter.

The victim, who was driving home from the laundromat in July with his 4-year-old nephew, was shot at point-blank range by the gunman.

He said the visit from police was the first contact he's had from Phoenix PD in a while, but they could not say whether or not they had identified a suspect in the case.

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The victim, who did not want to be identified, described the feeling he got when police showed him the photo.

"It might be that guy. When they showed me the picture, I did get a little chills," he said. "I feel as if, 'I think this might be the guy.' I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but when you haven’t seen someone in a long time and perhaps you haven’t even spoke to them, but when you see them, you have some sort of contact with them -- you instantly recognize them even though you can’t recall their name."

The Serial Street Shooter case gripped the Phoenix area for weeks on end during the summer of 2016. More than a year after the shooting started, it appears police have a break in the case.

The first shooting in the case came March 17. By the end of the summer, police had linked nine shootings and seven deaths to the shooter.

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But in July, the shootings stopped and police have been working since then to track down the suspect, sending out vehicle descriptions and several sketches approximating what the shooter may look like.

Most of the shootings occurred in Maryvale, so police believed the shooter had a connection to that neighborhood.

Police have maintained that while they had nothing to show for it, they were working diligently to catch the killer. That commitment is evidenced by the $75,000 reward for information in the case.%INLINE%